Track Loader

The ASV RT75 Positrack loader offers an excellent combination of power, traction and low ground pressure. This machine is ideal for a number of different ground conditions including fragile turf and soft wet underfoot. The Undercarriage is supported by flexible torsion axels giving the operator a smooth ride regardless of the surface it is driving over. 

The track loader also features the ASV patented Posi-Track™ suspended undercarriage technology, supported by an even 50/50 weight distribution. As a result of this technology, the machine’s operating weight of 4,164 kgs, this operating weight is distributed down to only 3.6psi of ground pressure, producing incredible traction and low ground disturbance. Higher flotation and better operating comfort is provided with the ASV 366mm ground clearance on the undercarriage. The undercarriage clearance eliminates excess build-up of material in & behind the tracks, unlike on other machines.

 Various attachments are available to suit this machine


Key specs on ASV RT75 Positrack 

All weather cab

AM/FM/MP3 Audio system

Hydraulic bucket positioning 

Hydraulic ride control 

Hydraulic quick hitch

3.6psi ground pressure

Radial lift operating arm

4,164kg Operating weight



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NameMakeModelPower (HP)Max SpeedWidthOperating WeightOperational Fuel CapacityOperating Capacity at 50% Tipping LoadTipping Load
ASV RT75CumminsQSF2.874.0015kph04164.007000