13 September 2018

Trimble Automatics help operators do more in less time

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Melbourne Tractors Group, Kobelco Australia, SITECH Construction Systems and other construction businesses recently spent a day in the Hunter Valley to test out Trimble Earthworks Automatics System.

The new Trimble Earthworks for Excavators Grade Control Platform is designed to help operators and construction companies do more in less time. The platform has shown to increase the productivity of good operators and encourage more confidence in newer, less skilled operators. Engaged by a simple touch of a button, the platform features intuitive, user friendly software that runs on an Android operating system giving operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before. 

earthworks screen

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Working semi-automatically, Excavators fitted with the Trimble Automatics 3D system create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces more easily. This platform puts design, surfaces, grades and alignments inside the operator cab, allowing the 3D machine control system to give operators unprecedented control over grading, excavating, compaction and paving applications. While the operator controls the stick, Trimble’s Automatics controls the boom and bucket. It stays on ground and significantly reduces material overages and dramatically improves productivity and profitability.

Sitech recently tested the platform in a real-world application at the Gold Coast, Queensland. Running Guidance Only side-by-side with the Trimble Automatics system, the results showed what a positive impact the automatics system can have on businesses bottom line. To test, a 100m common batter pull application was set up; 50m with automatics and 50m with guidance only. They timed the duration of each pass using a GPS conformance report to establish the accuracy of each 50-metre run. Trimble Earthworks Automatics system allowed the operator to enable the system to engage semi-automatic bucket and boom control preventing under and over cuts. The automatics system completed the job in half the time and twice the accuracy of the guidance only system. View the full SITECH study below.

The Trimble automatics system is available to be retrofitted in almost any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) excavator. For more information on Trimble’s new Excavator Control Platform contact us 

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