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COMMANDER – Intelligent spraying – Trailer to suit any application!

One of the most awarded sprayers with tank sizes 6500, 8500 & 10000 litres and boom widths from 24m to 48.5m still leads the way in capacity and performance. ActivAir ActivAir is a rapid nozzle on/off control system, that instantaneously open and close the non-drip nozzles during spraying.

Air pressure is reticulated along the boom through 8mm tubing to electrically activate solenoid valves and then through 4mm tubing to each non-drip valve. Using DynamicFluid4 precision application rate control, COMMANDER delivers instant spray pressure on every headland and unrivalled rate control – holding the target rate without lag, whether sections are being switched on or off, or changing speed.

Fast, safe chemical mixing and transfer is provided with TurboFiller and direct chemical suction. A unique 27-point high capacity venturi agitation ensures effective uniform tank mixing. A choice of spray controllers offer the highest level of performance and application precision.The fluid system, from tank to nozzle, has been developed to retain the lowest possible residual valume, making it easier to rinse between fills.

Our in-house finance provider, All Plant Finance offers a range of flexible finance options designed to suit our customer’s individual needs, goals and equipment requirements. Whether you are looking to finance one piece of construction or agriculture equipment or a fleet, we can help you find the right finance.

The benefits of choosing to finance your next machinery or attachment purchase with All Plant include:

  • Fast approvals
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Vast knowledge of equipment and your industry to provide the best finance solution
  • Finance on site at all branches
  • Flexible terms and repayment schedules

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