New Holland U80C Tractor

Backhoe Loader

New Holland U80C tractor loaders are the latest addition to the New Holland Construction product range.
A combination of a backhoe, wheel loader and tractor - this model is extremely versatile and suitable for a range of applications.


Whether you work on a poultry farm, sand and soil yard or complete maintenance work for a council, the U80C is the perfect equipment for the task at hand.


Designed and built in North America, the U80C provides profit making power on both the front and back. This model includes tier 4 engines delivering the power and torque you need for loading and grading. It also has a narrow backhoe boom design for optimal visibility and outstanding loader bucket breakout force. All the while, reducing fuel use and emissions.


The New Holland U80C backhoe tractor loaders are available for forward order only through all branches.


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NameMakeModelPower (HP)Transmission TypeMax Speed ForwardNumber of Gears ForwardNumber of Gears ReverseOperating WeightOperational Fuel CapacityBucket CapacityBackhoe Dig DepthLoader Dig Depth
New Holland U80CFPT IndustrialF5HFL413D*A85.004 speed synchromesh24.3km/h410.00151L0.80m3TBATBA